Bony markings of a human skull

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Diagram and description of human skull bones; atlas of human cranium and facial bones
On the Discovery of a Pal�olithic Human Skull and Mandible . in Flint-Bearing Gravel. Overlying the Wealden (Hastings Bony markings of a human skull Beds) at Piltdown, Fletching (Sussex)
Terms Definitions; Kinesiology: The Study of human motion: Angle: Projecting corner of a bone. Example Mandibular Angle: Border: Linear ridge, often the edge of a bone.
The Spaewife, or, The Queen's Secret, Vol. 1 (1853) .
Sir Walter Scott: Waverley ===== a machine-readable transcription. Version 1.1: 1997-07-16
Human skull - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The human skull is a bony structure, part of the skeleton, that is in the human head and which supports the structures .
Bones are rigid organs that constitute part of the endoskeleton of vertebrates. They support, and protect the various organs of the body, produce red and white blood .
frontal bone-on the upper margin of each orbit, the frontal bone is marked by a 'supraforamen' or ('suproorbital notch' in some skulls), through which blood vessels .
More diagrams of the human skull . Above: Frontal View. Legend: 1- Mental tubercle. 2- Body of mandible. 3- Ramus of mandible. 4- Anterior nasal spine. 5- Canine .
bony flashcards at Flashcard Exchange. The largest on-line source of printable flash cards. Study online, print, download and share.
skull models for the study of human anatomy, these full size, bone like skulls show all the detail of the human skull
There are more than one - the tibial tuberosity is just below the knee, the medial malleolus is part of the ankle joint. There are several bony marking on the Bony markings of a human skull tibia.
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version 1.1: 1995-09-15. For detailed information about the source edition and the transcription, see the notes at the end of this text file.
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